How we started making cheese

Hello, we are Nicky and Pieter Tromp, proud owners of Mill Grove Dairy.

All our artisanal cheeses have been made by hand in Millgrove since 2017. No machines, nothing artificial, just good wholesome cheese made from locally-sourced milk from Gippsland.

As dedicated Yarra Valley cheesemakers, we specialise in different flavours of Gouda, triple cream and marinated feta and our retail fromagerie always has something new (and delicious) to discover.

We’ve perfected our art through countless hours of study, experimenting and travelling the world to sample some of the world’s best cheeses, discover the processes and traditions behind making them, and bringing it all back to the Yarra Valley for you to enjoy.

In particular, our love of Gouda came from our travels to Holland where, while indulging in beautiful cheeses and wines we were inspired to bring the real Gouda flavour home to Australia.

Our dream grew bigger and bigger until it became time to turn this dream into reality. Choosing the perfect location in Millgrove, a beautiful small village in the upper Yarra Valley, we went straight to work getting our procedures and processes up and running to craft cheeses we’re proud of.

Our dairy license arrived April 4th, 2017 and we’ve never looked back, making cheese by hand using the finest, locally-sourced milk and cream fresh from Gippsland Jersey. (This is just one of the secrets behind our deliciously creamy cheese.)

Today we produce Gouda in a range of varieties, some made in traditional Dutch fashion like the delicious Gouda Cumin or Fenugreek with others offering a modern take on the traditional such as chilli and a cracked peppercorn variety.

We’ve also expanded to include varieties such as Persian Fetta, Triple Cream Brie among others.

Try them for yourself and find your new favourite.